All-New Toyota Multimedia System

Toyota Owner? 

Connected Services by Toyota offers an advanced suite of smart technologies designed to simplify your everyday life. 

Get more out of your Toyota Multimedia experience with the Toyota App. The Toyota App lets you stay connected with your Toyota no matter where you are. Start your engine*, lock your doors**, check your fuel level and more, all using your smartphone. 

In-app content dependent on factory equipment. Not all models/packages are compatible with the Toyota App.
* Not available on models with manual transmission and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.
** Not available on Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.

The Next Generation


Powered by new standard features like wake-word activated Toyota Assistant, and wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM. Elevated by newly available features like a 14" touchscreen and Drive Connect - which includes Cloud Navigation, Destination Assist and Intelligent Assistant. 

The next generation Toyota Multimedia delivers more convenience, control and connectivity than ever before.

The all-new Toyota Multimedia system has arrived, and it includes a huge list of new features and enhancements! The new system makes your driving experience easier than ever, whether that's connecting to your smartphone, listening to music, checking the weather, or getting directions. 

With this new system, Toyota continues to stay dedicated to creating unity between drivers and their vehicles, offering enhanced user experience from the moment they turn their vehicle on.


While the multimedia unit is available in different screen sizes, its largest size - 14 inches, is the biggest ever to be featured on a Toyota vehicle. The new unit is created with optically bonded glass that reduces screen glare and comes with dual Bluetooth pairing. You will love the high performance and quick response akin to a smartphone thanks to the 5 times greater processing power, compared to the previous generation system.

Designed with the future in mind, over-the-air (OTA) updates provide real-time updates for navigation mapping, an optimized media experience, and more enhancements are to come across the system's lifetime. OTA updates allow for the development of software in more manageable pieces, providing customers with faster updates. The new interface went through thousands of hours of consumer feedback and testing to ensure optimal user experience.

All-New Interface

The all-new human-machine interface (HMI) delivers enhanced interaction through sight, touch and voice. 

The stunning HD touchscreen display - up to 14" - is made of glare-resistant glass for crisp visuals and clear graphics. Touch inputs are quick and responsive, thanks to the 5x greater processing power compared to the previous generation system.

Intelligent Assistant

The cloud-based Intelligent Assistant expands on the standard Toyota Assistant functionality and integrates with Cloud Navigation. Use natural voice commands to add a rest stop along your route - like "Hey Toyota, find a coffee shop" - check the weather at your destination, dictate a message and much more. Included with Drive Connect.

Cloud Navigation

This always-connected system uses Google POI data so you can easily explore local points of interest or find a top-rated restaurant. Traffic and map data are updated in real-time and alternative route suggestions are dynamically offered based on current road conditions. Included with Drive Connect.

User Profiles

Your Toyota App and Toyota Multimedia settings are automatically saved to the cloud and loaded to your vehicle when your profile is selected. Save personal preferences like language, map settings, day/night display mode, favourite destinations and more. Your User Profile along with your personal settings carry over to other Toyota Multimedia-equipped vehicles.

The standard Toyota Assistant allows you to control vehicle settings, adjust audio controls and more using your voice. To get started, simply say "Hey, Toyota".
Wireless connectivity offers an even more convenient way to connect with your favourite apps while staying focused on the road.
Drive Connect introduces Toyota-first features like Cloud Navigation and Intelligent Assistant.
Simultaneously connect two devices via Bluetooth. Easily switch between them, designate one for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and receive or make calls and send messages from both.
To ensure optimal user experience, the system features built-in over-the-air update capability for remote software updates.
Start the engine, lock or unlock the doors and more from your smartphone using the Toyota App.
Keep your Toyota in peak condition with access to warning light notifications and vehicle health reports.
Emergency SOS assistance and enhanced roadside assistance should you encounter trouble on the road.
Start your car (automatic only) lock/unlock your doors, check your fuel level and more from the comfort of home using Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa or Toyota Action for Google Assistant.

Toyota Multimedia comes fully equipped with everything you need to make your drive easier and more enjoyable. You will find improved responsiveness, a more intuitive user experience and a natural voice-recognition system.

Say hello to all these new features in select New Toyota vehicles at West Coast Toyota! Putting the user at the forefront, this system was created with you in mind. Get ready to experience the most advanced level of convenience and functionality in your vehicle. With the intuitive technology of Toyota Multimedia, getting behind the wheel will be something to look forward to.

Simple. Seamless. Powerful.

Get the Next Gen Toyota Multimedia with West Coast Toyota.


Apps, services and subscription terms vary depending on the vehicle, model and multimedia display. The wide range of available packages also means that it is easier for you to choose the vehicle that best suits your desire for convenient connectivity and enhanced peace of mind. Speak with West Coast Toyota in Greater Vancouver, BC for full details on Toyota Connected Services subscription & pricing.