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The 2012/2013 season marked the beginning of the West Coast Auto Group (WCAG) Football Club here in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. Each year the Football Club continues to grow in size, with over 3,000 youth of all ages participating.

WCAG Football Club continues to offer opportunities for all skill levels and ages including youth house leagues to adult teams, plus the fun and exciting game of Bubble Soccer. "Driving Soccer Forward" is a motto well lived here in our beautiful community.

TEDx Talks | Changing The Game in Youth Sports

"Tell your kids you love watching them play."

Annually, the Football Club also offers awards of up to 9 - $750 scholarships to candidates that meet certain criteria. Deserving players, coaches and referees have the opportunity to receive a scholarship so long as they meet the specified requirements. Learn more about the scholarship opportunity.

Each year the WCAG Football Club puts on an exciting event for the annual raffle filled with many great prizes including a new vehicle sponsored by the West Coast Auto Group.

Want to learn more about the West Coast Auto Group Football Club or to find out how you too can register your family? Please visit the website to learn more.