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Vulcanized Undercoating - West Coast Toyota in Metro Vancouver, BC

Vulcanized Undercoating Side

When you drive your brand new vehicle home, you notice the stares and glances of admiration at your bright, shiny new car or truck. It makes an impressive addition to your driveway or parking space with the shiny paint glistening in the sun. As you look at it, you wish that it could continue to look that way.

Damaging Your Vehicle

When you drive your new vehicle, it is exposed to many chemicals and environmental elements that break down the components and cause corrosion. Corrosion, or rust, is the result of oxygen, water and iron combining and causing an electrochemical reaction. Diamond Kote has developed a system that helps protect your vehicle by preventing the water and oxygen from penetrating. It is a two-step process that is designed to insulate your vehicle. The second step of the process is called Premium Vulcanized Undercoating/Sound Shield, which may be the most noticeable part.

Vulcanized Undercoating - What is it

What is Vulcanized Undercoating?

Diamond Kote has been in the business of protecting vehicles ever since 1968. The company continues to do research and create products with the most advanced technology that will protect them and keep them looking like new. Vulcanized Undercoating is just one such product and is developed from the same science that created hockey pucks and the soles on running shoes. It is a rubberized coating that is built to be durable. It also has the flexibility to fit in all of the areas of your vehicle. The job of the undercoating is to protect your vehicle from all of the damage-causing elements by providing a solid barrier between the automobile and water and oxygen. Another benefit that you will enjoy is the fact that this product also creates a sound barrier from the road and engine sounds.

The design of the Vulcanized Undercoating makes it tough and almost indestructible. Find out more about this product at West Coast Toyota. Stop by your Greater Vancouver Toyota Dealer - West Coast Toyota to check out the inventory and learn how you can protect any new vehicle that you buy.