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Keeping our community safe is important to West Coast Toyota. With continued support of the local RCMP Citizens On Patrol for the past 10 years, we are proud to continue assisting in keeping our community a safe and enjoyable place.

A group of concerned citizens got together in hopes to help the RCMP reduce crime, offering up their free time to make our communities safe. They soon became known as the Citizens On Patrol. Throughout Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows area, there are currently over 60 volunteers helping keep our community safe. Citizens On Patrol are key members of our community, responsible for observing and reporting activities and situations of suspicious or criminal in nature.

Members and volunteers of the Citizens On Patrol program have continuously reduced crime within their local areas. Volunteers and program participants are not put in direct contact with offenders but are supplied with VHF radios to report suspicious and criminal activity to the local police.

Citizens On Patrol use marked and personal vehicles, plus brief foot patrols to monitor, observe and report activities of suspicious nature in our communities. They also participate in ICBC's Stolen Auto Recovery Program, checking suspicious license plates with the CPIC website. They are the eyes and ears for our local police and neighbourhoods!

To learn more or find out how you too can volunteer for your local RCMP Citizens On Patrol program, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Charlene Hargreaves at (604) 467-7644