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How-to Use Your Toyota Display Audio System

Randy Saunders of West Coast Toyota walks you through the Toyota Display Audio System. Learn how to utilize your Navigation, how to connect your phone, and how to take advantage of all the great audio functions Toyota's Display Audio System has to offer.

How-to Connect Your Phone To Your Display Audio System

Learn how to connect your smartphone to your Toyota with this how-to video from West Coast Toyota. Hands-free is not only the safest way to communicate while driving, it is also the law. Drive safely while staying in-touch when you connect your smartphone to Toyota's Display Audio System.

How-To Use Your Toyota Navigation System

Ever been lost somewhere and couldn't find your way around? With Toyota's Navigation System that will never happen again. Randy Saunders of West Coast Toyota walks you through how to find your way around the Toyota Navigation System so you can always find your way wherever your Toyota takes you.

How To Use Your Toyota Audio System

What is better than driving your car with the window down listening to your stereo? Nothing, so make your driving experience that much better and take advantage of your Toyota Audio System. Check out this how-to video of Randy Saunders of West Coast Toyota walking you through how to take advantage of the great features of the Toyota Audio System.